Flying Solo Shines at Paris Fashion Week with Clothing Collections

Brands from all corners of the globe gathered to present their latest clothing collections to selected guests, photographers, media personnel, and fashion writers in early March at La Galerie Bourbon. The New York City based company, comprising several rotating brands, will open the doors to its third location -a Paris flagship store- in April. Found below are moments captured from the runway show, as well as a bit of context about several of the brands that presented.


Eleni, the founder of the Greek haute couture brand 240791, creates unconventional garments with intense volumes, unconventional materials, and stories to be told. Her upcoming collection, “anima mundi,” is her most honest and important collection yet, as it includes all of her personal working techniques and explores new elements. Eleni believes that a contemporary designer needs to understand the needs of the modern world, work on their technical skills, and be able to promote their work to stand out in a world saturated with content.

Her advice for aspiring artists is to start, put yourself out there, find a workspace, and create your own identity. Eleni’s ready-to-wear line is sold exclusively in her boutique in Athens downtown, and every piece is handmade and only made once. Her garments accommodate occasions that have to do with stage and exposure, like the theater, opera, music lives, and creative installations. Eleni’s ideal customer is someone who wants to explore different worlds, never compromises, and truly appreciates the work behind each garment.

Flying Solo Paris Fashion Week Clothing Collections

Beilharz Official

Lewis Beilharz is the designer and CEO of his eponymous brand based in New York City. He has a background in fine arts painting and integrates that into his fashion designs, creating a refined aesthetic of wearable art. His brand, Beilharz, is aimed at anyone who wants to express joy, fun, and art, with no restrictions on age, size, or gender. The brand is meant to celebrate uniqueness and empower those who wear his garments.

His upcoming collection, titled “Anomaly,” is inspired by his own experience of feeling like an anomaly in life and celebrating what makes him unique through wearable art. When it comes to skills that fashion entrepreneurs need to have, Beilharz emphasizes passion, resilience, and communication skills. His advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to focus on what they love, keep practicing their craft, and surround themselves with people who encourage growth.

Celeste Victoria

Celeste Victoria is a Jamaican born, New York based self-taught fashion designer specializing in couture gowns and cocktail dresses. Victoria’s designs are flamboyant yet sophisticated, attracting those who desire glamour and excitement while craving beauty and embodying a deep zest for life. Her designs have graced the red carpets of some of the most exclusive social events in New York and Paris, including the Metropolitan Opera Red Carpet events and The annual Versailles masked Ball held in France.

Victoria believes that fashion entrepreneurs need to possess the ability to visualize their vision, be resilient, and perfect their craft. Her advice for those who want to start their fashion brand is to just do it and stop waiting for the perfect time. Victoria’s upcoming collection showcases her ability to push the boundaries of her design aesthetic to become more inclusive, versatile, and wearable without compromising the integrity of her designs.

CoCo Création

The founder of a zero-waste fashion brand, CoCo Création, started the company during the COVID-19 lockdown period to create accessories with salvaged materials. The brand gained recognition on social media, and the founder believes that each purchase should be a meaningful addition to the customer’s wardrobe, rather than a mere sale. The upcoming collection continues the focus on upcycling and exploring borders, which represents resilience and creates emotions. The founder draws inspiration from nature and her past as a high-level athlete.

Three essential skills for fashion entrepreneurs are resilience, rigorous work, and recognizing their values. The founder advises aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their projects, to take risks, and to work hard while understanding that every opportunity is a chance to assert their values and ideals. Ultimately, the goal is to make a positive impact on the industry by moving a small grain of sand in the desert.

Elaine Cullen

Elaine Cullen is a trendsetting fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to sustainability and empowering the individual through design. The brand was inspired by Elaine Cullen’s mother, Elizabeth Winn Casey Cullen. The brand’s ideal customer is everyone, especially women and children. The upcoming collection is inclusive to the people that envision themselves in it, highlighting the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and individual empowerment.

As a fashion entrepreneur, Elaine Cullen believes that confidence, drive, and adaptability are the top three skills necessary to succeed in the industry. She advises aspiring fashion entrepreneurs to remember that they cannot start their own fashion brand alone. Collaboration and building a strong team are essential to success. Elaine Cullen’s brand is a reflection of her commitment to sustainability and empowering individuals through design. By creating inclusive collections and building a strong team, she hopes to inspire other fashion entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the industry.

Harri Penny

Harri Penny is a fashion brand that stands for quality, precision, love, and care. It creates timeless pieces that allow wearers to feel comfortable and confident in their uniqueness. The brand’s founder was inspired to start Harri Penny during the pandemic, as a blend of his love for luxury quality and design and the thrift intent of older pieces. Harri Penny’s ideal customer is a free-spirited, open-minded, educated, and goal-focused individual, who has luxury brand aspirations and is fashion-forward.

The brand’s upcoming collection, “Iceberg,” features fun, versatile pieces that are interchangeable and can be worn informally or formally, inspired by 70s player style. Three essential skills for fashion entrepreneurs are perseverance, being inspirational, and flexibility. The founder’s advice for anyone starting their own fashion brand is to go for it and to persevere in their vision and goals, being open to learning and growth.

Haus of Imani

The fashion brand owner was inspired to start their brand because they wanted to bring their fluid canvas art to life through clothing. Their ideal customer is someone who enjoys bold designs and vibrant colors, and is willing to wear clothing that speaks volumes without words. The brand’s upcoming collection features blazers, cardigans, and long skirts in a range of bold, vibrant colors that are sure to appeal to people of all ages.

The top three skills that fashion entrepreneurs need to have are faith, perseverance, and boldness. The owner advises those who want to start their own fashion brand to have faith, trust in God, be creative, believe in themselves, have a team that shares their vision, invest in themselves, stay inspired, do research, and be confident and ready to work hard.


Symphorien, a 23-year-old living in Belgium, has founded the brand JESUSISLORD with the vision of representing Jesus through designs and clothing. The inspiration behind this brand comes from Kanye West, the fashion designer of Yeezy. The ideal customer for Jesusislord is primarily young people between the ages of 20 and 24, but the brand aims to reach everyone. The upcoming collection promises to offer the best designs for their customers, which they believe will be loved by many.

According to Symphorien, the top 3 skills that fashion entrepreneurs need are communication, creativity, and inspiration. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in their skills, have faith in themselves, and take the step towards their dream. With hard work and dedication, one can achieve anything they set their minds to. Symphorien’s brand, Jesusislord, hopes to create an impact by bringing the message of Jesus through fashion to the world.


Joshua Smith Bowman is the founder and designer of the brand JPure. The brand was established in 2019 in Los Angeles, California, with the aim of creating pure and guiltless designs that allow individuals to wear the beauty and shine from within. Joshua’s inspiration to start his brand came from his desire to alter things in the fashion industry and create beautiful pieces that bring joy to individuals. His ideal customer is anyone who loves their individuality, and the brand has many different avenues, including ready-to-wear and personal custom designs.

The best thing about JPure’s upcoming collection is the elegant and exquisite looks brought to life by classic designs, with the brand making its first appearance at Miami Fashion/Swim week with metallic designs. Joshua believes that the top three skills fashion entrepreneurs need are an understanding of their client base, creativity, and passion for art. His advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to network, get an internship, and just get started.

Karen Beltrán

Meet our fashion entrepreneur, Karen Beltrán, a woman with a passion for creating elegant and beautiful gowns. She was inspired by her family, particularly her mother, who taught her everything she knows about fashion. The entrepreneur has a special bond with gowns and loves making women feel and look beautiful. Her brand caters to fashion lovers who want to look elegant and special in social events. The best thing about her upcoming collection is that it is designed to be timeless and can be used in any season. The pieces are versatile and can be used today and in ten years and still look incredible.

To be a successful fashion entrepreneur, she believes one should have three essential skills: organization, creativity, and leadership. Her advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to keep going, work hard and grow step by step. Fashion is a competitive industry, but with hard work, passion, and determination, anything is possible.

Lena Lavish Couture

Lola Lena is the founder of Lena Lavish Couture. She started her brand during the Covid pandemic as a self-taught designer and takes modern sensuality and encases it in timeless beauty for her ideal customer, the everyday woman who wants to feel special. Her upcoming collection in Paris is a dream come true for her, and she is excited to showcase her abilities as a new designer.

She believes that fashion entrepreneurs need to have a strong understanding of marketing, be confident in themselves and their abilities, and take time for self-care to balance their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Her advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to just do it, not hesitate or be their own worst critic, and learn marketing tools to help get their products to consumers.

Minming Zhou

Minming Zhou is a 25-year-old fashion designer who started her eponymous label while she was still in university. Her brand focuses on reconstructing menswear and womenswear silhouettes to create gender-fluid wardrobe options. Zhou was inspired to start her own brand to create a contemporary vision that empowers individuals to dress androgynously without facing judgment. Her ideal customers are individuals who break gender boundaries and dare to be themselves.

The standout feature of her upcoming collection is the implementation of spike elements inherited from androgynous sea creatures. Zhou believes that fashion entrepreneurs need to have excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and an urge to innovate and be sustainable. Her advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to learn about the market, know their audience, and always remember why they started when they feel like giving up.


Dejana, a Canadian entrepreneur with 3 diplomas, and her designer partner Igor created NÈNNA, a luxury clothing brand that focuses on creating timeless garments that make women feel powerful. The brand’s goal is to provide high-quality, contemporary designs that customers can pass down to their daughters. NÈNNA is inspired by women, particularly those who live their lives authentically.

Their ideal customer is anyone who wants to own a piece of clothing that will last a lifetime and boost their confidence. NÈNNA23 offers a variety of silhouettes to fit any customer’s preferences. According to Dejana, dedication, hard work, and self-growth are the three values that every fashion entrepreneur needs. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves, work on themselves, and choose their collaborators wisely.


Sammy Wang is the founder of PINKSELFIE, a brand that focuses on creating versatile clothes for women that can be worn in both formal and casual occasions. The brand’s name represents passion, confidence, and independence, with “PINK” referring to the use of cool color tones and “SELFIE” representing the importance of self-admiration. PINKSELFIE’s ideal customers are fashion lovers, socialites, second-generation celebrities, and the high consumption group.

The upcoming collection showcases the brand’s consciousness through the use of the color cold light peach, which expresses female perspectives and values. Wang believes that fashion entrepreneurs need skills in brand positioning, market analysis, operational marketing management, and creativity. Her advice for those who want to start their own fashion brand is to have the ability to innovate, withstand pressure and failure, and continuously improve their professional abilities.

Renee Cafaro Atelier

Renee Cafaro Atelier is a couture house specializing in high-quality, ethically made fashion for sizes 16-32. The brand was founded by Renee Cafaro, a former US Editor for SLiNK Magazine and influencer formerly known as FoxyRoxyFashion on Instagram. The brand is committed to providing high-quality items with a focus on fit and functionality, and donates a portion of its profits to charities that benefit women/BIPOCs. Renee started designing during the quarantine in 2020 and later developed her first samples via Zoom fittings.

The upcoming collection is inspired by the glitter rock era of David Bowie and will feature gold metal mesh, feathers, crystals, fur, silk, and velvets. Renee believes that any human being who feels excluded from high fashion is her ideal customer. The top 3 skills that fashion entrepreneurs need to have are courage, perseverance, and creativity, and Renee advises those who want to start their own fashion brand to not do it for fame or money, but to expect a lot of hard work and banal tasks most days.

Rich Trend Setter

Richard Cooper, aka RichTrendSetter, is a fashion entrepreneur whose brand is inspired by his own unique sense of style. His inspiration comes from the positive feedback he has received about his fashion choices. His ideal customer is someone who shares his passion for fashion and has a good sense of style. What makes his brand stand out is the uniqueness of the pieces and the personal touch that he puts into each one.

Richard believes that motivation, creativity, and business relationships are essential skills for fashion entrepreneurs. He advises prospective fashion entrepreneurs to be consistent, driven, and to know their market. He encourages them to never give up and to always stay true to themselves. In a highly competitive industry, it’s important to find what makes you stand out and to have the drive and determination to succeed. With hard work and perseverance, anyone can create a successful fashion brand.

Sanz Couture

Sanjana Andy Kuil is the founder of a sustainable fashion label, Sanz Courture, focusing on creativity without compromising the environment. Sanjana studied fashion technology and gained experience working with various fashion brands across the world before starting her own label in 2015. She was inspired to focus on sustainability due to the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment. Her upcoming collection is inspired by hope and features bright colors.

Sanjana uses materials such as cotton and recycled polyester and is experimenting with a new fabric made from leaves. This is her first time at Fashion Week. Her brand represents herself as an optimistic and positive individual, and the brand is targeted towards millennials and independent young women. Although Sanjana has not yet thought of one word to describe her brand, she aims to continue making her brand completely sustainable.

Shloka Khialani

Shloka Khialani is a contemporary occasion wear brand that merges Indian hand embellishments with modern silhouettes to create glamorous and elegant clothing. The brand is founded and headed by designer Shloka, who was inspired to pursue her dream of creating beautiful clothing at a young age. The ideal customer for Shloka Khialani is one who trusts and believes in the brand’s vision, allowing them to create their envisioned designs.

The upcoming collection features rare materials such as mother of pearl and metal, hand-embroidered using traditional Indian techniques, and incorporated into unconventional and versatile silhouettes. Top skills required for fashion entrepreneurs include thick skin, consistency, passion, and not letting success or failure define them. Shloka’s advice for those starting their own fashion brand is to understand their signature style and remain true to their identity.

The Valiom Society

Sarah Drake is a 31-year-old fashion designer from Port Hedland, Western Australia. Her brand, The Valiom Society, focuses on timeless, ethical, and sustainable clothing that is quirky, eclectic, and a bit grungy. Sarah was taught to sew by her nana and graduated from Bentley Tafe with an advanced diploma in fashion design and technology. While pursuing a nursing career, Sarah freelanced on the side to keep her passion for fashion alive. She creates pieces that cannot be found in stores and encourages her customers to invest in timeless pieces that reflect their personality.

Sarah’s upcoming collection features her pattern-making and tailoring skills and incorporates fabric manipulation and 3D structure. Sarah’s top advice for fashion entrepreneurs is to understand sustainability and incorporate it into their designs and manufacturing, be motivated and resilient, and always consider all body shapes and sizes.


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