Here’s What You Should Know About the Cutting-Edge Producer Behind NYFW hiTechMODA

After more than two years of waiting for the strict Covid protocols to end, here’s what we know about the 2022 September NYFW: this season will see the first complete, no rules, in-person show produced by the award-winning production house, hiTechMODA.

The pioneering runway production house is in the vanguard of fashion trend and continues to transform the fashion industry through a collaboration between cutting-edge production and notable, modern designers. Now, here are the reasons why you should be expecting a topnotch production during NYFW from hiTechMODA.


Throughout the pandemic, hiTechMODA had been the only production house that regularly and consistently produced live fashion shows. Using all applicable New York City and CDC guidelines, the producers ensured the safety of the designers and models while standing by their promise to revive fashion and design opportunities for fashion talent even during the hardest times.

Despite of the difficulty of the times hitting the industry hard, hiTechMODA is successfully bringing 54 prominent designers, showcasing on over 70 runways, and over 1,000 models to their NYFW production this September. “We have the most international designers we’ve ever had before,” declared Pamela PS Privette, the award-winning producer behind the style and genius of hiTechMODA. With their mission to empower modern fashion in mind, hiTechMODA has not only produced shows for big fashion companies but also for independent designer brands, from Chicago’s Alicia Perrillo to Mitch Desunia and MUSA Fabrics from the Philippines. “We are a production company that cares about their brands,” continues Pamela about their determination to showcase a diversity of fashion; “during my curation of the fashion show for the production, I connected to my designers through their collections, listened to their music, watched their videos, and visited their online presence. My designers are from around the world, yet I have identified we all were on the same journey the last three years, and now we are all coming together in one place to celebrate regrowth through fashion.”

In this season, NYFW hiTechMODA will once again be at the iconic and historical venue The Edison Ballroom—an extensive, multi-level building that still preserves the unsurpassable elegance it was born with in the 1930’s. Equipped with a 60-foot elevated stage, Panasonic 10K Lum Front Projector, 200-inch projector screen, and advanced AV technology, hiTechMODA will certainly present the most remarkable, state-of-the-art fashion shows in the upcoming two weeks of NYFW.

However, that is not the ultimate reason why hiTechMODA will produce the most sensational shows in this season. Unlike other production companies that stick with the traditional status quo by arranging the shows in cookie-cutter studio runways, hiTechMODA has been more innovative by adding another runway, the Rooftop at The Edison Ballroom which features a fully retractable roof with a view of NYC’s iconic architecture. Located in the heart of Times Square, adorned with timeless artistic decorations, and equipped with most-advanced AV technology, hiTechMODA is more than ready to continue their promise of delivering fashion talent worldwide.

Says Pamela about the growth of hiTechMODA, “In addition to my core team, Chief of Operations Brenda Jameson, Ecuador, I added additional talent to the team: Co-Executive Producer, Terance Coffee, NYC; Producer, Omayra La Bella, Florida; Rachel Dorn, North Carolina; Elizabeth Sollazzo, NYC; Harriet Washington, North Carolina; Shaylin Castro, NYC; Barbara McNeil, Virginia; Hair and Makeup: Josie’s Faces, Metro DC; not to mention IES Productions assisting Edison Ballroom House Production Team Lead by Brophy that will allow me to present two simultaneous runways, and of course, Executive Vice President and Producer, Patrick McNelis. It truly takes a fashion village. I have a dedicated and talented team.”

Please meet her talented designers.

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September 9 – 11, 2022

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