Interview with Marta Oriani of Almarow

We caught up with Italian designer, Marta Oriani, founder of exquisite jewellery brand, ALMAROW.

ALMAROW celebrates Italian craftsmanship, uniquely selected materials and impeccable finishes. Alma – meaning soul – leads each piece to resonate and illuminate soulfully with the wearer’s identity. Quality, excellence and a touch of tradition inform each signature collection – all done alla Milanese -with a subtle nod to the energy and luminous beauty of founder Marta Oriani’s home city – Milano.

Marta Oriani

Q: Why and When did you decide to launch your own brand?

I always wanted to create my own brand of jewelry to express my own creativity, but I was scared of doing it..I actually decided to begin this new journey of my life after one very special friend told me that my idea was great and to dare in life if I wanted to succeed!

Q: Where did the inspiration come from to create ALMAROW?

I took inspiration from the magnificent jewels of the past that used to be worn by royal women and also from more contemporary fashion iconic women. The idea is to create day and night empowering jewels that everyone can enjoy wearing.

Q: What does ALMAROW stand for?

Almarow means finding the direction of your soul in life, the path that each of us has to travel during our existence.

Q: How has your time at Sotheby’s shaped your career?

Definitely yes, I had the great opportunity to spend time with the most beautiful jewels in the world! I understood the importance of manufacturing and the difference that it makes when it comes to judging their quality. I also learnt the value of attention to details in antique jewelry, something that you don’t notice at first but when looking closely the jewel gives you an emotion.

Q: Do you have a particular muse?

I admire every woman from the past and the present that has the courage to express herself and her talent and doesn’t fear to be judged.

Q: What is your favourite ALMAROW product you have created so far?

I honestly like all of them but I especially enjoyed creating the charms with hidden messages at the back of the Andrea, the Amelia and the Alice necklaces. I love to make jewelry that convey positive messages that can be worn everyday.

Q: What’s next for ALMAROW?

Life taught me to stay in the present because the future is made by the decisions we take now so I try to live in my present but I simultaneously work on exciting projects for the future of ALMAROW. Currently, we are working on our website aesthetic, to reflect the evolution of the brand and I am looking forward to releasing more collections – in particular, our sets (which have just launched!!), a combination of 3 pieces of our existing products, aimed at easing how to style ALMAROW.


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