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Liagkou and Duka: Creative Design Duo from Greece

Liagkou and Duka are a creative design duo based in Athens, Greece. They specialize in creating visually arresting, conceptual fashion and product designs that explore the relationship between the user and their environment.

Their works range from clothing and accessories to furniture, installations, and other 3D objects. They are known for their iconic, playful and eye-catching approach to design. They are often inspired by the everyday life and the urban landscape, creating works that are both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking. They have been featured in multiple publications and exhibitions around the world and have received a number of awards for their unique and innovative designs.

Emmanuela Liagkou

Q: How did the idea of the brand come about?

The idea of the brand derived from our mutual love for summertime and travels. We created a collection of high quality clothes, which do not “wrinkleˮ and they can be worn all day long without losing their elegance and brightness. Moreover we enriched our collection with elements from the Greek tradition.

Q: What were the key components of the brand and concept creation?

Our main characteristic is that we combined both our strongest components, Art and Fashion. The beginning was the love we share for Mykonos and Santorini, two islands which are two of the most popular destinations in the world. So we used Emmanuela Liagkou’s paintings, the «pelican of Mykonos» and “the donkey of Santoriniˮ which have become front-page news on print and electronic media. Especially the donkey, the symbol of patience, used to be man’s co-worker in their daily activities in the past. It was loved but it was also mistreated at times. This way we transferred Art on luxurious fabrics keeping the Greek element in our collection for summer 2023

Q: What is the company/brand mission statement?

Through our collection, our aim is to support the dynamics of today’s women, creating a covered sexuality with high esthetic quality at the same time.

Q: How does your brand differentiate from other RTW brands?

We could say that three things characterize our collection.

A) It is a brand only with a summer collection which includes caftans and dresses that can be worn at a beach bar to a luxurious restaurant, keeping the same glamourness all day long.
B) We combine Art with fashion by creating pieces of clothing of high esthetic quality, placing great emphasis on the details of the making process.
C) We transfer greek tradition through modern designing of pieces of clothing.

Q: Where does your inspiration for each season come from?

Traveling and our acquaintance with different people inspire us for new creations. We search deeper in every culture to extract our own treasure that will give us the inspiration for a new creation.

Q: Where do you see the brand 5 Years from now?

Surely to the level of worldwide fame as we have picked a certain line we believe in and we will develop in the future. A clearer picture will be formed in the process because the pandemic taught us the “here and nowˮ.

Q: Do you plan on bringing the brand into the metaverse or metaverse Fashion Week?

We have just started as a brand and it’s too soon to make plans. However with an open mind and a great energy, we always look into the future and to what it holds for us.

Q: Where have you seen a bigger growth since the pandemic, your men’s or women’s line?

For the time being we have only completed our women’s collection and we have just started creating our men’s collection.

Q: Have you seen a decline or a growth in your more athleisure pieces?

The pandemic has changed the trends in fashion. Although this situation led us to an “athleisure daily routineˮ, we insisted on more feminine outfits, designing dresses and caftans for the “hottestˮ places in the world. We have in mind to create some athleisure pieces in the future.

Q: Any future collaborations or projects you would like the audience to know about?

Our future plan is to design a line with clothes based on various cultures so as to convey their traditions and seek collaborations with foreign designers. Of course always adding Art to our collection.

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