National Hispanic American Heritage Month

To Acknowledge Them in Fashion and How They Enriched Our Lives
Fashion has no borders, color, race, or region. We gather together as one to celebrate each other’s art and uniqueness. It is one of the last places where artists of fabric, design and creation express who they are and what has molded them into the designer you see on the runway. If you study their collection, you will understand the vision behind the master creator. The collection speaks to you as the model walks down the runway.

Just as the designer, everyone involved has a love of the industry. Today, we celebrate the wonderful, colorful, passionate, Hispanic Americans who have enriched our lives. We highlight our recent our most recent Hispanic American Designers.

We take this time to highlight a few of the designers who have graced our stages with collections with their brilliance of passion of their heritage.


Art Elio is a master fashion designer from Puerto Rico who showcased his collection with hiTechMODA Season 3 and Orlando hiTechMODA Season 2. His collections are elegant works of art from his couture to ready-to-wear.

Jhony Calderon, an American from Ecuador, is a well-known fashion designer. Calderon’s designs are featured in magazines, exhibitions, beauty pageants, and the entertainment industry. He showcased his couture collection with hiTechMODA in Season 7. His unique designs and range of fabrics and colors left the crowd stunned.

Alicia Monje is the designer for Regina’s Couture and Regina’s Couture Dollhouse; she is an American who originated from Mexico, and has showcased in NYFW Seasons 2, 3, and 8, Orlando Season 1, and Paris Season 1. Alicia is a designer with a full range of talent from adult couture to children’s couture.

Yesi Rose Fashion – An American originating from Peru, Yesi Hennessey has a spirit of kindness to her heart, and it shows in her collections that graced the runways of NYFW Seasons 7 and 8, and Orlando Seasons 1 and 2. Yesi Rose’s clothing line is heavily influenced by her world travels.

We also mention others have graced our runway:

7 Hands Design
Al+LU Apparel
Cesar Soloranzo
Claudia Gutiérrez
Fernandita Salazar Fashion Designer
Madam VIP Plus Boutique
Melanie Caballero Couture
Norma Nazario Designer

We must acknowledge the accomplishments the Hispanic Americans who are a part of the hiTechMODA Core Team.

Omayra La Bella – Show Producer, NYFW hiTechMODA 2022, Orlando Swim Week, hiTechMODA Orlando July 2022, MODA Model, Co-owner of Innata Skin Care, and an American originating from the Dominican Republic. Anyone who knows Omayra will agree she has a great zest for family, fashion, and life. Omayra is active in her community, always looking to improve her abilities, and willing to give a helping hand. She is an incredible asset to our team.

Mike Bazer – Casting Director, MODA Model. Mike is always willing to go that extra mile. He recently moved from Chile to New York City to pursue a full-time career in modeling and does the work needed to be a model. His modeling portfolio building and modeling training work in Paris was excellent. I have seen so much professional growth in Mike.

Jose Laracuente- Marketing Director, MODA Model, originating from Puerto Rico. Jose is new to the core team but has been modeling with us for a few years. A strong team player, quickly handling different marketing areas of business as he continues working on his modeling and acting career. Jose has been an excellent addition to the team.

Shaylin Castro- Show Producer NYFW Season 8, Backstage Communications Manager, MODA Model, of Dominican Republic decedent. So easy to work with, and a quick study, Shaylin has been working with us backstage for over three productions and has filled many roles. Always ready to take on the next level of responsibilities, she brings eyes, ears, and a specific level of intelligence to the team.

Supporting Roles for hiTechMODA

JCV Services-
Photographer Carmelita is a Venezuelan beauty, and her husband, videographer Juan, by way of Spain, have been a part of hiTechMODA family since the company’s inception.

Josie Valdez – Owner Josie’s Faces, Celebrity Makeup Artist, NYFW Season 8 Official Hair and Makeup Team for hiTechMODA. Having met Josie’s many years ago, it was easy to see her work ethic and doing what it takes to get a job done.

Jesus Antonio Landa – Photographer. I met Jesus when I first began coming to NYFW years ago and understudying with a different production company. Over the years, I have watched him grow as a photographer.


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