Schedule Submission Guidelines

Producers: Before submitting, please note there are certain things we look for in events we list.

We Like

Events with a great website
Events with a strong social media presence. (This has more to do with quality pictures and content than number of followers.)
Events that put on great shows (set decoration, choice of venue, lighting, quality of collections previously showcased)
Events with a history of good press
Designer-centric promotion, press releases, and social media. Shows should be about promoting designers.
Free events. It’s okay to sell tickets, but the focus should always be on great shows that feature quality designer work.
• Industry events
• Charity-focused events
• Events that fall in the proper fashion week timeframe
• Events with an established history and / or a clear industry focus

Things That Might be Working Against You

Here are some things that may be holding you back. Making improvements in these areas can improve your chances.

Website Issues
• Do you lack a website, or does it end in “,” without a proper URL?
• Do the social media icons on your website lead nowhere, or to another entity or business?
• Does your website contains typos or grammatical errors? Does it lack professional design?

Social Media Issues
• Do you have little or no social media presence? Are the pictures poor quality?
• Does your social media seem to be promoting you, rather than the designers?

Business Practices Issues
Important! Are you using pictures of shows that aren’t yours, or that aren’t accurate representations of what you’re offering?
• Are you emailing from a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account, rather than a professional email (@yourbusiness) of some kind?
• Is your name vague, misleading, or overly generic, or contain vague or misleading language? (Ex: “Home of The Official NYFW”; “Fashion Weeks the Shows”)
• Are you charging for attendance, with little or no history of prior shows?
• Do you have a history of little (or no) press?
• Are you submitting or communicating in ALL CAPS?
• Are we receiving emails from irate designers / models / attendees, etc.?

For Partners

The bar for producers wanting to partner with FWO is higher.

• You will need to have a PR company of record, or (at minimum) be able to show a history of wire-carried press releases. Partners should be actively working to achieve press for designers (not leaving it up to them). If you need PR services, we do offer them at competitive prices, but you do not need to use us! Any reputable PR company will do.
• Partner websites should have archives of past designer presentations (at minimum the last season) on their website, to help promote designers past the show.
• Partners should be providing professional photos (Getty, IMAX Tree) and (preferably) videos of designer presentations.

These are all factors we take into serious consideration when listing any event. If for some other reason we don’t list you this season, please try again next time.

If you love fashion, designers, and people … we love you!