Jordana Séguin
Jordana Séguin
Jordana is a Paris-based correspondent for FWO originally from (a scenic mountain town near) Vancouver, Canada. With a diploma in Fashion Design, her passion for detail drives her work in fashion journalism.

Switching It Up: The Cutting Edge of Fashion Styling With Anna Estrin

With regular appearances in the likes of Marie Claire and Fashion Magazine 24, Anna Estrin’s unique styling is creating a major buzz. She also knows how to build a business – and spends much of her time encouraging other women to do the same. A feminist fatale, you might say.

Her fashion career began in typically independent style, when she founded her own label Annie Couture NY. It started small, catering largely to her network of friends and family – mostly Jewish – in Brooklyn. But Anna quickly drew in a customer base of women from around the world – success which allowed her to eventually sell the label. Now a bonafide fashion influencer, she has continued to captivate her audience with meticulous trend reporting, styling and crisp content creation.

Anna Estrin

Take Fashion Week, where brands and international fashion influencers collaborate day-in, day-out. Anna Estrin famously switches it up by changing her style from one jaw-dropping character to the next – and multiple times a day. Although the redness of her hair stays consistent – at least in recent times – her looks are anything but predictable, conveying a world of very different, but always very stylish, identities. If notorious conwoman Anna Delvey had dressed like this… then maybe she would have gotten away with more!

We first met the quick-change expert at the Christian Cowen x FWO event on the rooftop of 100 Vandam in New York, where she sparkled from the hem of her dress to the tip of her braid. We have since had the pleasure of catching up with Anna once again, this time to find out more about the inspiration behind her magic.

Q: My first question: How do you manage to change your looks so thoroughly during Fashion week? If I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t have recognized you the second time we met!

My main secret, which has already become my trademark, is wigs and a daring attitude to a dramatic stylistic look change. It all adds to this effect – as if I were two different people. I like that kind of experiment.

It all adds to this effect – as if I were two different people. I like that kind of experiment.

Q: How did your style journey begin?

It all started with creating my brand of women’s clothing – Annie Couture NY. Its main goal was to fashionably and stylishly dress Jewish women. There are a lot of religious nuances to the look. But all of us still want to wear trendy and stylish outfits. This is the idea I decided to turn into life, and I had a tremendous success. We opened our collection at NYFW. Our clothes first conquered New York and then the entire world, with its religious communities of different denominations. I took the brand to the international level, then transferred business into other hands to keep it operating because I decided to focus on style and fashion in the field of journalism. I have always had a passion for journalism, so I combined that passion with my second love – fashion.

Our clothes first conquered New York and then the entire world.

Q: What is special when dressing Jewish women? Do you dress along the same guidelines as your Jewish clientele?

When choosing clothing, Jewish women of faith are guided by the rule “Clothed in strength and dignity.” If you follow the strict rules; the clothing must completely cover the collarbones, shoulders, and, of course, the back. The sleeves should be long enough to cover the elbows in any position. The skirt – at least 10 cm below the knee. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that between the upper part of the clothing and the skirt, you cannot see your body or underwear, even when bending over. Clothing should fit well, but not be tight.

A married Jewish woman (as well as a woman who has been married in the past) should cover her head so that her hair is not visible. The type of headdress (wig, kerchief, hat, beret, etc.) is chosen according to what is customary in the community where she lives. As for unmarried girls, they do not have to cover their heads but their hairstyles should be modest, their hair color should be natural, any hair below their shoulders should be gathered into a ponytail or braid.

I believe that all this is thought out for a reason, moderation in dress and general harmony in appearance is welcomed in Jewish life. Clothing and hairstyles should be neat and harmonious so that the appearance is perceived as a whole – the inner content in a dignified frame. In our modern world, you must agree this is not bad.

In everyday life, I try to stick to the rules of appearance. As for the covered head – it’s just a daily rule for me. Hence my love for wigs and all kinds of headgear. Everything else – at photo shoots, showing fashion trends, it’s hard to stay within the rules. There are exceptions, but every chance I get, I still try to stick to them.

Clothing and hairstyles should be neat and harmonious so that the appearance is perceived as a whole.

Q: When did you realize the power style has?

I think it’s always been that way. Since I was a child, I’ve felt that the right clothes gave me confidence. If you put the accents right, you can get the attention of society you want. Or to hide from it. My sense of taste was in my blood. I just needed to get some experience and knowledge which I sought my entire life. Now I can safely call myself a specialist.

Q: What motivates you to create?

It’s simple – love and vital natural energy. Without that, it’s impossible to create.

Q: Can you let us know of your other interests?

My main interests are my three children and my sizeable Jewish family. This is a big part of my life, without which I cannot imagine myself. I also have a beloved dog who is also fashionista. Her name is Stella, and she is an Italian greyhound. Stella is a big fashionista with her own Instagram page. I like to choose the most fashionable and stylish outfits for her.

Q: What are you focusing on now?

On my work. I have a lot of clients and a lot of plans. It all requires careful thought and a lot of attention. I always approach each project seriously and with great joy – because it is always something new and fresh. I am fortunate in my job – I am certainly not bored.

I always approach each project seriously and with great joy – because it is always something new and fresh.

Q: Do you plan on working on anything in the metaverse/ Metaverse Fashion Week?

I don’t have such plans. I’m an “old-school” person, and I prefer live shows and communication with people in-person, not through digital screens. But I understand that it’s most likely the future, and we must look into it and find valuable points for development. Besides, I always welcome everything new, because it’s so interesting to learn something everyday. We’ll see.

Q: Any future collaborations or projects you would like the audience to know about?

I would probably share one project – to bring the AMG brand to the international market. This is a Ukrainian brand of women’s clothing whose primary focus is business style. First lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenskaya, top managers of large companies, and wives of politicians and businessmen wear them. This brand has its recognizable style and the great soul of its creator. I was very happy to meet them. I hope that all of our global plans with them will come true.


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