The Rise of Romanian Fashion. An Inside Look at the Visionaries Shaping the Industry.

Get ready to be inspired by the innovative and sophisticated designs of nine of Romania’s most exciting and inspiring fashion brands. From timeless cuts to bold, contemporary designs, these brands are breaking boundaries and bringing fresh new perspectives to the fashion industry.

Join us as we dive into the minds of these talented designers and learn about their inspirations, goals, and the future of Romanian fashion.

Collaboration makes us stronger, more interesting.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Romanian designer group and showcase creativity in a place that is renowned for its innovation. It’s not just a complex task, but an opportunity to push the limits.

“Gone are the days when Romania was solely associated with labor work for other brands. Today, our technical expertise and unique vision have allowed Romanian brands to stand out on a global scale. With fashion becoming increasingly globalized, it’s crucial to explore new markets such as Tokyo, New York, and beyond. To be truly successful in fashion, you must think internationally.

“I have always believed that it’s difficult to pave your way in this industry alone. By working together, we can promote fashion and make a stronger impact. Collaboration makes us stronger, more interesting, and more visible. It’s impossible to win a war on your own, and we are now venturing to conquer new territories,” said Ovidiu Buta.

Loredana Budulan – Designer VENERA ARAPU
Global reach, local pride

International sales play a vital role in our brand’s success. We have had a presence in the American and European markets for several years now, and we are delighted to see the growing interest in a Romanian brand like ours. With the Romanian creative scene developing at a fast pace, being part of a group of such talented designers allows us to elevate the industry’s reputation in our country. It’s amazing that we are in this together, and I think that competition can only bring the best in us!

Aurelia Rusu Popa – Export Manager CIM
Effortless style, all day long

CIM emerged in response to the pandemic, and what sets us apart from other is our original designs and the exceptional quality of our materials. We aim to provide versatile outfits for women that are effortless to mix and match, and that can be worn throughout the day.

We are delighted to collaborate with our colleagues in the industry and take pride in representing Romania at Project Tokyo. Expanding overseas is a top priority for us. We are determined to grow our customer base and showcase our wide range of designs and products to represent Romanian fashion on the international stage.

Our distinctive design and tailoring features set us apart, and we believe there’s room for everyone in the fashion world. We excel in what we do, and we’re excited to see where our brand will take us next.

Florin Surugiu – Designer MY SIMPLICATED
Design your style, your way

We started as simplicated, a digital print fashion brand that aimed to allow customers to express themselves through full-printed garments. After many requests for custom prints, we developed a product customizer tool that empowers customers to design unique garments. We generate 3000 variations of prints from one product, making each item one-of-a-kind. Thus, my•simplicated was born. Our brand’s philosophy can be summed up in one line: “Personalization is the ultimate status symbol.”

Project Tokyo provides a platform for our Romanian fashion brand to reach a wider audience and connect with like-minded partners who share our belief in customization and digital print in fashion. I am thrilled to participate! International sales are crucial for Romanian fashion brands, and Project Tokyo allows us to show the creative potential of Romania and embrace diverse cultures.

Corina Leca – Designer & Owner Decorina Hats
Hats – Canvas for personal expression

I am the name behind Decorina Hats, where every single hat is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials. I take great pride in creating over 500 unique designs, blending classic shapes with modern twists. I am dedicated to creating hats that perfectly capture the wearer’s personality. To me, hats are not just a fashion accessory, they are a form of self-expression.

As an internationally recognized brand, Decorina Hats adheres to a strict ethical code of millinery practices, ensuring sustainability for generations to come. With no glue in sight and every stitch sewn by hand, each hat is not only a stylish statement piece but also a testament to our commitment to creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Lavinia Mihailescu – Sales Manager Nissa
Feminine, fashionable, and fabulous

Our brand, Nissa, offers a solution to the timeless question women ask: “What should I wear today?” Together with her mother and sister, our founder, a former fashion model, has created a unique identity, which is built on the pillars of femininity, high-quality fabrics, and innovative design,

We know that unity is strength, and we take pride in collaborating with other Romanian brands to represent Romania’s fashion industry in Tokyo. Our summer collection is infused with vibrant colors, following global trends while also catering to our Japanese customers with a dedicated line.

Our international success speaks for itself, with exports making up 20% of our sales, and our presence in multi-brand shops across Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Our sights are now set on conquering the Japanese market and further expanding our brand’s reach.

Ella Lazar – Designer Irina Schrotter
Slowing down for luxury

Just look at where the fashion industry is now! I think the difference we make is that we don’t do fast fashion! We choose to approach creating our pieces with greater care and attention. Our focus on quality and craftsmanship is reflected in every piece we create, respecting our clients, our workers, and the clothes themselves. This is what sets us apart from others.

While we have already made our mark on the Asian market, Project Tokyo is essential to make our brand known to important clients and decision-makers. It would be an honor for us to see Asian women wearing our brand, as we draw inspiration from their unique style.

Despite being competitors in our country, we see this as an opportunity to show that we, as Romanian brands, are also a team. Working together elevates our craft and ideas. It doesn’t help anyone if you’re just by yourself, trying to do things. Together, we can show the world that Romania has an abundance of creativity and we are talented designers.

Simona Buzoianu – Export Manager Nissa Manufacture
Creating connections through fashion

Our fashion house prides itself on catering to the whole family, with designs for both women and children. Our mother-child sets have been very successful. In addition, we produce elegant uniforms, for schools and hotels, showcasing our unique ability to blend style and practicality. With a design team that’s always pushing boundaries, three top production facilities, and our commitment to quality, we’re a brand that’s built to last.

Our team has been hard at work preparing for Project Tokyo, where we’re excited to showcase our latest designs. We’re eager to find new partners who share our vision and can help bring our creations to life. We’ve noticed that white is a particularly popular color choice among Japanese women, and we have incorporated this into our designs. We are ready to adapt to meet the market’s needs, including designing for men.

Currently, we’re proud to have 50% of our sales come from international partners, primarily in Europe and the US. Our annual showcase in Paris has been instrumental in expanding our reach and securing new clients throughout Europe. We’re confident that we can replicate this success in Japan as we continue to expand our brand’s global footprint.

Through collaboration with fellow Romanian brands in our group and participation in Project Tokyo, we can prove that our designers are a force to be reckoned with.

Ioana Ciocalu – Creative Director Ioana Ciolacu
Design meets architecture

Ioana Ciolacu was founded in 2014, after I won the Designer for Tomorrow competition held by Stella McCartney and was given a year to be mentored by her in design and sustainability. From there, I established my brand, which focuses on local production and sustainability – avoiding, for instance, the use of fur, leather, and feathers. As an architect, my design philosophy is built around contemporary, structured pieces that feature relaxed prints that are versatile enough for daily wear.

We are thrilled to be a part of Project Tokyo, which we expect will be remarkable opportunity for us to connect with exceptional individuals and immerse ourselves in a new culture. While we anticipate experiencing some culture shock, we are eager to embrace this new experience with open hearts and minds. We believe this exhibition will be an exceptional match, and we cannot wait to participate. Exhibiting alongside my fellow Romanian designers is an absolute honor for me.

Catinca Negrut – Stylist & PR Manager Paisi
Reinventing winter chic

Ten years ago, we launched Paisi with a mission to bring sophistication and winter chic to confident and accomplished women. As the brand has evolved, we have shifted our focus towards promoting innovative materials like shirling and wool shirling. With a robust international customer base, our goal is to establish a local brand with global reach, offering timeless cuts and designs to the worldwide market.

Each collection included easy-to-wear, trendy, and versatile garments with couture details. Our designs blend sophistication, glamour, playfulness, and innovative technologies, which have won the trust and admiration of influencers and stars alike. Our latest collection, “Cream Dream,” offers elevated classics and versatile pieces that can make any woman stand out. We confidently assert that cozy has never looked this good!

We are delighted to participate in Project Tokyo, alongside a community of exceptional Romanian brands. Rather than mere competitors, we share a common objective of promoting Romanian roots and quality to achieve great international success.

Romanian designers are gaining recognition, and their participation in events like Project Tokyo is sure to further celebrate their unique talent. As the fashion world becomes increasingly global, it is exciting to see the diverse range of styles and influences that Romanian designers are bringing to the table. We can only anticipate their continued success and eagerly await their future collections.

Sponsorship and Project Lead

With their enduring commitment to creativity, sustainability, and innovation, FIT, the Future in Textiles Association, and The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism in Romania are at the forefront of championing Romanian fashion brands on the global stage. In so doing, they are fostering a vibrant and dynamic global fashion community and a thriving and competitive business environment.

By being given the opportunity to showcase their talents at the esteemed Tokyo Fashion Week, Romanian designers are making a significant impact. This paves the way for a future where fashion becomes more than just an expression of beauty and inspiration, as it also becomes a catalyst for social change and economic empowerment.

Project Coordinator

Exploratist is a brand and employee experience agency with an intense passion for creating unparalleled B2B, B2C, and B2E events. We focus on businesses and individuals, alike, to create experiences with a lasting impact and set our clients up for success. In over a decade, we have delivered outstanding brand activations at numerous festivals, fairs, and events – organized internationally and with a global audience of 500-5000 people.

We often broadcast our events on Digital Stage, a high-end US online event platform we brought to Romania. We have launched Project Atom, a finely tuned ecosystem of integrated experiential marketing services that blend complementary expertise to deliver personalized, agile, and end-to-end solutions and create brand experiences that are truly unique, make an everlasting impression and have a sustainable effect.


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