TreeTrunk Releases Powerful Decentralized Platform to Change the NFT Economy for Artists, Collectors and Influencers

TreeTrunk empowers every artist to embed and sell their work directly on any website, collect and distribute royalties on-chain, and leverage the power of community marketing.

This week, the cutting-edge and highly decentralized NFT platform TreeTrunk makes its ground-breaking debut, using a powerful new NFT draft standard that enables any creator to turn original artwork into ‘trees’ of authorized digital prints.

This technology gives collectors the right to make and sell reprints and earn royalties immediately and irrevocably on-chain. It also empowers collectors to generate families of editions for their NFTs, sell reprints, and earn royalties without having to sell their NFTs.

Its launch heralds a stronger, more resilient NFT economy that truly and sustainably improves the financial picture for artists and collectors in a period where the traditional speculative model of NFT “investment” is faltering.

TreeTrunk’s launch will be hosted live on June 22 during NFT NYC as part of renowned artist Logik’s Sugoi Web3 summit.

During the launch, TreeTrunk will host an immersive NFT exhibition and artist meet and greets with Brandon Breaux, Ishita Banerjee, Logik, Richard Jacobs, and more.

During the launch event, celebrity NFT artists Nyla Hayes, Blaine Thurier, Julie Pacino, Robbie Trevino, Sabet, Richard Jacobs, Diego Berro, Matty Mo, and Rob Mars will also launch their TreeTrunk NFTs, joining the existing cohort of TreeTrunk NFT artists who launched earlier in June including Arabella Proffer, Brandon Breaux, Carmilla Sumantry, CryptoJeweler, Dilek Sezen, Ishita Banerjee, LA+CH, Logik, Sam Madhu, and Vimal Chandran.

On the 22nd, TreeTrunk’s platform will be open to all artists to create “trees” of prints and reprints around their own original art.

“When we first started working on TreeTrunk, we spoke with artists worldwide who were using NFTs to earn a real living from their art – some, for the first time in their careers,” said John Wolpert, ConsenSys Mesh executive and co-founder of TreeTrunk. “But as recent events have shown, selling NFTs as though they were the actual art and relying solely on the expectation that someone else will buy that digital record for more later is not a way to build stable income for most artists in the long run. We built TreeTrunk to turn that around, put the focus back on the art, and improve the economics for both creators and collectors. We are building a better and more resilient NFT economy that keeps artists in control of their work and rewards collectors.”

Why TreeTrunk

TreeTrunk’s technology, underpinned by its new NFT standard draft EIP-4910, seeks to upgrade the global NFT economy by providing:

Game-changing technology for artists to protect their royalties

TreeTrunk’s NFT smart contract proposal (the “TreeTrunk NFT”) is the first in the Ethereum ecosystem that allows artists to collect and distribute royalty payments from ongoing sales of their NFTs – guaranteeing ongoing, perpetual royalties for the creators of these digital assets.

Rights to empower collectors and thought leaders

The TreeTrunk NFT technology allows Artists, Creators, and Collectors to generate families of editions, sell reprints, and earn royalties, without having to sell their NFTs.

Tools for artists to sell their NFTs where they want

Any TreeTrunk NFT Print can be embedded directly into any website and bought directly from there without having to rely on a centralized marketplace. Artists can use this to keep their fans focused on their own galleries and any other web property they want to sell from.

Licenses embedded directly into NFTs

The draft NFT standard has stronger protections for artists’ rights and collector protection, from content verification to license management. Unlike the previous NFT standard, with TreeTrunk, the license agreement is embedded in the NFT metadata itself. Using TreeTrunk, NFT collectors will be better informed on what rights they have, and artists can more easily control their intellectual property.

The launch event will be hosted at 65 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, from 4 – 7 pm ET. Registration can be arranged on Eventbrite, and the event will be live-streamed on the TreeTrunk YouTube.

For more information, go to: or contact

About TreeTrunk is launching the first NFT marketplace platform to allow for on-chain royalty distribution that enables creators and collectors to HODL their pieces, create families of prints, and earn an is a ConsenSys Mesh business, that embodies the facets of decentralization, ownership, and innovation. allows artists to embed their NFTs into other websites for purchase while still collecting royalties.

About the Founders

The TreeTrunk approach was conceived and articulated by ConsenSys Mesh group executive John Wolpert. Dr. Andreas Freund refined the approach and designed the required smart contract, zero-knowledge circuits, processes and services, and platform architecture. ConsenSys Mesh and Envision Blockchain implemented the TreeTrunk smart contract and the NFT platform Legaltech framework developed by Ira P. Rothken. Enterprise use cases and payment transparency priorities for TreeTrunk developed by Richard Taub, CFA. Marketing strategy designed and executed by Sarina Charugundla. Engineering led by Terrance Leonard.

To learn more about the founding team, visit the website.

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