Develop Economic Strategies Fit for a Circular World

The shift toward a circular economy is helped forward in large part by design’s contribution. If we don’t start from scratch and rethink everything, we won’t be able to create a circular economy. This reimagining will encompass everything from products to business models, entire cities, and even ways of life. Examining the meaning of the … Read more

Activity in Asian Manufacturing Hubs Slowed Down in March 2022

The recent turmoil between Russia and Ukraine and renewed surges in COVID-19 infections in many countries impacted manufacturing activity in Asia tremendously in March 2022. Overall export demand in all major economies saw a decline in the recent month. A major impact on these economies came through rising inputs and raw material prices, particularly energy … Read more

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Tomorrow’s Sustainable Fashion and Emerging Technologies

Fashion is recognised as the industry that produces the second-most pollution in the world, despite the fact that it is one of the most profitable and supports the employment of 3.4 billion people around the world. Fashion’s annual revenue is estimated to be $1.5 trillion, and it is responsible for maintaining a global workforce of … Read more

It Is Time To Simplify Our Approach To Fast Fashion

The environment, the quality of the products, and the people in the supply chain are all negatively impacted when fast fashion is practised. On the other hand, slow fashion involves enhancing working conditions, repairing any damage done to the environment, utilising regenerative and sustainable resources, and giving communities more say in the design process. It’s … Read more

Cotton prices around the world are seeing sluggish growth due to economic uncertainty.

When the global economy was looking at a robust recovery after COVID-19 and clothing demand in all major economies was very certain to grow beyond pre-pandemic levels, cotton prices for major markets were trading at their multi-year peaks almost two months ago. This was when cotton prices were trading at their highest levels in almost … Read more


In the most recent few decades, technological advancements have accelerated at a rate that is exponentially higher than in previous decades. The introduction of new technologies like the internet and smart phones has resulted in a number of recent technological advances. The geographical boundaries of the world have shrunk, and the processes involved in running … Read more

Advice on Styling Your Athletic Garb

JOGGERS – A BLEND OF COMFORT AND ELEGANCE Émile Camuset was not just any Frenchman; he was the inventor of the world-famous sportswear firm LeCoq Sportif, which literally translates to “the athletic rooster.” Camuset was born and raised in France. He was known for his athletic prowess. He had had enough of dripping perspiration as … Read more