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  • Is Instagram the next big app for fashion?

    Instagram has quickly integrated itself into every aspect of our life. Even when the pandemic hit, it assisted tiny fashion enterprises in reaching a wider audience so that they could expand their customer base. Examine the factors that contributed to the rise in popularity of Instagram. The Screen Years feature, which has been available for […]

  • 3 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Are Digitizing Fashion for Customers and Designers

    It is the year 2021, 5G networks have been deployed, and artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually making its way into our everyday lives. A.I. is no longer something that just exists in fiction films; it is now also a tool that fashion designers may use to better how they work. The fashion industry is looking […]

  • 3 Ways Growing Fashion Brands Outsmart Larger Competitors in the Digital Age

    Luxury’s tendency towards consolidation is evident. Right before the pandemic, for example, LVMH made one of its greatest acquisitions to date, acquiring Tiffany & Co. in 2019 for $16.2 billion. Through the epidemic, we continued to see luxury companies merge. Fashion analysts perceive luxury fashion’s continuous consolidation as measures to expedite digitization initiatives in the […]

  • Welcoming You to the Future of Environmental Responsibility

    As more and more people become aware that global warming poses an existential risk, citizens are putting pressure on their governments to take action, or at the very least appear to be doing action. The European Union has made the first move in the garment sector by announcing that all clothes sold in its territory […]

  • How Fashion Designers Can Benefit from Utilizing a Timeline as a Project Management Tool

    Think of the most unorganised project you’ve ever worked on, whether it was for work or for personal reasons. Have you experienced any difficulties with it, such as missing the deadlines? In most cases, including a timeline in a project can be beneficial to the outcome of the endeavour. But what exactly is a project […]

  • Fashion for Worn-Out Clothes

    As a result of the growing number of consumers who have been purchasing used clothing in recent years, the trend of buying second-hand clothing is anticipated to become a big one in the years to come. Customers were initially drawn to the market for pre-owned clothing due to the competitive pricing, and more recently, they […]

  • Let’s Make Fashion Circular

    The most essential and fundamental requirement of daily living is clothing, just like the requirement for food and a place to live. Additionally contributing significantly to the overall size of the economy is the textile and garment industry. However, the industry is expanding in a linear fashion, and this growth pattern is neither environmentally friendly […]

  • There are three warning signs that all fashion designers should be aware of regarding manufacturing.

    Every successful fashion designer is aware of the exhausting amount of labour that goes into the creation of a fashion collection from beginning to end. Finding the appropriate manufacturer to bring those plans to life can be an even greater obstacle to overcome. The greatest fashion manufacturers provide evidence of their skill on a constant […]

  • Fashion Industry Automation: A Quest for the Indian Way

    Vijayalaxmi, along with a few dozen of her co-workers, watch apprehensively as hundreds of newly bought German-made machines are set up to make the manufacturing process speedier at the knitting plant of an export firm situated in India’s knitwear heartland of Tiruppur. These machines need minimum human involvement except for programming and occasional cleaning. After […]

  • Expectations and Trends Regarding the Merging of Fashion and Technology

    The fashion sector has recently emerged as one of the front-runners in the race to adopt cutting-edge technologies and scale its implementation. Over the course of the years, and even more significantly as a result of the pandemic, as fashion has grown more digital, certain parts of technology and innovation in the field of fashion […]