The Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine and Its Effects on the Textile and Apparel Industries

The tensions between Russia and Ukraine are continuing to throw a bigger degree of instability into the existing geopolitical order. After steadily building up speed throughout 2021, it is anticipated that the economic recovery will begin to slow down. The most noticeable effects on the economy are being felt in the commodity and logistics sectors, … Read more

3 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Are Digitizing Fashion for Customers and Designers

It is the year 2021, 5G networks have been deployed, and artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually making its way into our everyday lives. A.I. is no longer something that just exists in fiction films; it is now also a tool that fashion designers may use to better how they work. The fashion industry is looking … Read more

In spite of the fact that they collaborate, luxury fashion and fast fashion will never become one.

Since 1946, names like Dior have been a part of the fashion business. Approximately 44 years later, in the early 2000s, fast fashion began to make its presence known in the garment market, beginning with names like Zara. Even though fast fashion has been rather popular in recent years, luxury fashion firms are still present … Read more