In the most recent few decades, technological advancements have accelerated at a rate that is exponentially higher than in previous decades. The introduction of new technologies like the internet and smart phones has resulted in a number of recent technological advances. The geographical boundaries of the world have shrunk, and the processes involved in running … Read more

Advice on Styling Your Athletic Garb

JOGGERS – A BLEND OF COMFORT AND ELEGANCE Émile Camuset was not just any Frenchman; he was the inventor of the world-famous sportswear firm LeCoq Sportif, which literally translates to “the athletic rooster.” Camuset was born and raised in France. He was known for his athletic prowess. He had had enough of dripping perspiration as … Read more

Is Instagram the next big app for fashion?

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3 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Are Digitizing Fashion for Customers and Designers

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3 Ways Growing Fashion Brands Outsmart Larger Competitors in the Digital Age

Luxury’s tendency towards consolidation is evident. Right before the pandemic, for example, LVMH made one of its greatest acquisitions to date, acquiring Tiffany & Co. in 2019 for $16.2 billion. Through the epidemic, we continued to see luxury companies merge. Fashion analysts perceive luxury fashion’s continuous consolidation as measures to expedite digitization initiatives in the … Read more

Fashion for Worn-Out Clothes

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Let’s Make Fashion Circular

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There are three warning signs that all fashion designers should be aware of regarding manufacturing.

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