Fashion Industry Automation: A Quest for the Indian Way

Vijayalaxmi, along with a few dozen of her co-workers, watch apprehensively as hundreds of newly bought German-made machines are set up to make the manufacturing process speedier at the knitting plant of an export firm situated in India’s knitwear heartland of Tiruppur. These machines need minimum human involvement except for programming and occasional cleaning. After … Read more

2 Ways Fashion Brands Can Optimize In-Store Purchases & Manufacturing Planning

As fashion’s future threads itself more intimately into the digital domain, fashion firms try to remain competitive through these times of fast change. Nearly everyone in fashion thinks that to succeed even in seasons of upheaval, brands must focus more on e-commerce. According to the McKinsey 2021 State of Fashion report, 70 percent of fashion … Read more

5 trends: Indian handicraft sector to an upsurge in 2022

The future of Indian handicrafts looks promising in days to come thanks to effective government schemes, advent of special platforms, technology coming to the rescue and a host of other things. Indian handicrafts are the embodiment of our country’s diverse culture and rich heritage. Indian artists sculpt their particular art into forms that can be … Read more

In spite of the fact that they collaborate, luxury fashion and fast fashion will never become one.

Since 1946, names like Dior have been a part of the fashion business. Approximately 44 years later, in the early 2000s, fast fashion began to make its presence known in the garment market, beginning with names like Zara. Even though fast fashion has been rather popular in recent years, luxury fashion firms are still present … Read more